How to find a sugar baby or sugar daddy?

If you’re wondering what is a sugar daddy, here’s the answer: a sugar daddy is a well-established man, typically in his 40s, 50s, or 60s, who spends money on his “baby” in return for different forms of companionship, including sexual intimacy (platonic sugar relationships are extremely rare, but still possible). Lots of sugar daddies are businessmen, doctors, and lawyers, but it’s not necessary. The average sugar daddy is a divorced/single 45 years old man (only 34% of them are married) who makes around $250,000 annually, but again, it’s not necessary-as long as a man can afford an average sugar baby allowance ($2,800 per month), he can be called a sugar daddy. Men who can’t afford a sugar partner but still want to enter this type of relationship are often called “splenda” daddies.

What is sugar baby?

Here’s the answer to the question “what is a sugar baby“: a sugar baby is a woman (typically an attractive one in her 20s or 30s) who appreciates finer things and meets a sugar daddy (or daddies) in return for financial support. The average monthly allowance of babies varies from $2,800 to $4,000, according to different sources. The majority of babies are in their 20s (the average age is 26 years old), and the majority of them are students (40%).

How does the sugar relationship work?

The most important thing you need to understand regarding such relationship is that you can discuss all the boundaries and rules even before you start “dating”. That’s the main difference between sugar daddy dating and casual, “vanilla” dating.

A sugar relationship is a no-strings-attached relationship without drama and commitment. Yes, it’s natural to develop an emotional attachment to a person you spend time and have sex with, but the very nature of sugar dating is that there should be no drama, no jealousy, and no games.

What is a sugar baby arrangement? It consists of two things: “sugar” and “companionship”. “Sugar”, in this context, is the allowance-some sugar babies prefer PPM allowance (pay per meet) while the others prefer getting paid monthly. “Companionship” means dates, sex, and whatever you can imagine.

Are sugar daddy relationships legal?

So, is being a sugar baby legal? Is having a sugar daddy legal? Or is it considered prostitution because, well, in most cases, sugar dating is about exchanging money for sex?

Let’s be straightforward here: this might look like prostitution, and some can even say that it is. But we’re not talking about the moral side here, right?

We’re talking about legal questions here, and from the legal point of view, it’s 100% NOT prostitution. The point is, when talking about prostitution, sex is the FreeHookupSearch only thing on the table. But when it comes to sugar dating, it’s not only about sex. Technically, sex is secondary to companionship, not a requirement-money is not exchanged directly for sex, so if no one can prove the opposite, it’s technically not prostitution.

Without further ado, we want to share a step-by-step guide that will answer the question how to find a sugar baby/how to find a sugar daddy:

  1. Sign up on one of the services from our list (or on other sites if you are sure they are 100% legit and trustworthy).
  2. Upload photos and write a profile bio/profile description-it must be interesting and catchy.
  3. Buy a premium subscription. It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for a baby or for a daddy, a premium subscription is always necessary. Even if it’s not required, Premium members always get much more attention than free/standard profiles, and getting more attention than other profiles is always a great thing on a dating site.

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