I loved the magnetic draw that pulls the pair together fuelled by sharp wit and intrigue

One well crafted boxset that brings pleasure in its devouring!A collection of well thought out and emotionally entangling stories that captivate and really make you root for each of the six couples and their happy, if hard won, ever afters. Each with its own unique spin on dealing with the unexpected consequences that stem from one moment of passion and desire driven madness. As each strong and resourceful heroine captures the heart, respect and devotion of our heroes whether she really claims to want it or not.

Fixer and renowned rogue, Stephen, might be able to stamp out scandal before it begins but love, well that is a whole other enigma

When a Rogue Falls by Sasha Cottman:A tremendous way to start the collection and an engaging addition to Sasha Cottman’s refreshing Rogues of the Road Series. No string attachments are his signature. Which is just perfect for widowed Bridget, who just wants to experience passion to douse the belittling and taunting cruelty of her late husband. But can intimacy ever really come without impacting the heart? Mix in being forced to work together to hunt out a blackmailer and watch how those sparks fly.

But more delightfully how it combusts into a steamy attraction, so steeped in sexual tension that the allure of intimacy and crackling connection just jumped from the page and sucked me in from their first tempestuous introduction and followed them through each clue found, trail followed and passion explored

Escaping the Earl by Lauren Smith:Selfish machination forces Sabrina to willingly seek her ruin in the hope of running from a life that promises nothing but misery and neglect. Being determined to grasp her future with both hands may temporarily encase Sabrina anonymously in Peregrine’s comforting embrace but can capturing a blissfully tender and passionate moment under the stars really gift her freedom? Twists and turns force separation, bond friendships and reveal uncertainities but can two so lost and starved of intimate connection truly find a future together.Great fluidity and engaging plotline, dazzling characters, familiar faces and sweet chemistry adds life, humour, wit and warmth to this well written tale. That made me cry, smile and remain glued until the end. [Man it’s crazy how much I can’t wait to hear more from the couple’s charismatic friend Rafe and his adorably sweet relationship with his endearing adopted daughter, Isla. Eyes peeled for the next addition to Lauren Smith’s League of Rogues series]

This Rogue of Mine by Amanda es and reputation force a smouldering connection and simmering attraction – born from a moment of comfort – to become clouded by fear and resentment. But, can they both get past their misperceptons to the true kind and loving people beneath it? If only they can holster their anger enough to break through the fear to find honesty and love.Both reeling from parental disapproval and insecurities derived from those said failings and disregard, made this one rocky road to love.Deep down I liked them both from the first you can really feel their frustration and pain. Even Cordelia’s constant angst, that made her rather hypocritical and increasingly hard to swallow with her contrary attitude, eventually won me over fully in the end. Especially as circumstances and desperation shaped their desires as she fought to protect herself, fuelled by her lack of reasons to trust, that forced the wounded and scared innocent to snarl as she felt backed into a corner. An emotional hot house of emotional tormoil that will leave you wanting more!

Loving My Wicked Rogue by Dawn Brower:Instant attraction and charm work there magic on soon to debut, Francesca, and sworn from love, Matthew, as one moment of passion leads to a gift neither expected to receive. Anger, disappointment, painful demons and a magnetic draw, that simmers and burns beneath the surface, forces two to reaccess who they truly are and what they are not willing to live without.I really loved this!! Cesca’s spark and steadfast levelheadedness that emerged from one moment of naviety and innocence really made me cheer for her happiness. I instantly liked her grit and delighted hookupdate.net/okcupid-vs-match in how she inadvertently broke through Matthew’s walls of nonchalance, arrogance and wounded bore attitude to the marshmellow beneath. Fabulous, emotionally effecting, story telling!

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